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Kerry Finch sees himself as a community representative in Tasmania’s Upper House rather than as a party politician. He has no party affiliations and is an independent member of the Legislative Council.

“My allegiance is firstly to my electorate and Tasmania, and secondly to my colleagues in the Legislative Council, who have a wide range of political views.

“Our role is to keep a close eye on the State Government, carefully scrutinizing every Bill that comes to us from the Lower House,” Kerry Finch explains.

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The Legislative Council can also initiate legislation of its own and it has an important role in parliamentary committees.

“But my main role is to bring issues and concerns in Rosevears to the attention of the Legislative Council and thus the State Government.

“For example I make sure that the issues of roads and road safety on the West Tamar are always before the Minister.

“I am particularly involved in being a link between the Launceston and especially the West Tamar Council and government.”

Kerry Finch says he keeps an open mind about all State Government legislation, listening to the people of Rosevears and consulting widely before Bills are debated in the Upper House.

“I want to hear from everybody, particularly my fellow members before I decide whether to support a Bill.

“If you lock yourself into a view early in the process, you can’t take new views on board and your mind becomes closed. I want to keep listening until the very moment the division bell rings.”