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©Copyright 2011: images by David Maynard

Images from “Beneath the Tamar – more than Silt” a book by authors David Maynard and Troy Gaston, who have unmasked a world of colour and beauty unimagined in the Tamar estuary.


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What I stand for

I see myself as a representative of the West Tamar community rather than a political person. I am a genuine independent and I am absolutely free from party political pressures.

As an independent, I keep an open mind on issues until I have heard all the arguments. I usually don’t lock myself into a position on legislation until I have consulted my electorate as much as possible and listened to the arguments for and against. There is no point in making up your mind until you have looked at all the facts and ramifications and listened to as many arguments as possible.

That’s why I particularly like to hear from groups who might foresee effects of legislation more clearly than the legislators themselves.

I want to encourage everyone in Rosevears to get in touch with me about any issues or concerns. Phone 0407 448 905 or email

As a resident in the electorate and a participating member of the community, I want to see it go from strength to strength. I want to see it a safe and caring community for our children. I want to see a inclusive and tolerant community.

Some of the issues which most concern me are”

  • Affordable housing. We must make it easier for our young people to get their feet on the housing ladder.
  • Infrastructure and community facilities. The West Tamar needs safer roads, better water and sewerage services, child care, walking and cycling tracks, among many other things.
  • Health and Education. Like the rest of Australia, Rosevears needs more preventative health measures---let’s keep our community fit and health and out of hospitals. On education, we must encourage more skilled and dedicated teachers, and keep our schools better maintained and make them more pleasant places for kids.
  • We live in a wonderful environment, but it is under great pressure. Let’s plan to keep where we live beautiful and sustainable.
  • Jobs. No community can survive without jobs and a strong economy. The way to achieve this in Rosevears is to capitalise on what we have and what we are good at.