Tuesday 14 August 2019

Hansard of the Legislative Council

Credit Cards – Vigilance


Mr FINCH (Rosevears) - Mr President, I want to issue a warning to my colleagues and also to anybody who might be watching on live streaming.  Last week after I had been here in parliament, my wife made her regular check on what I had been spending my money on through my credit card in Hobart, and she found two discrepancies on our account.  They were both for $210.45 spent in Balmain in Sydney, so unauthorised.  I had no knowledge of that.  Somebody had accessed my credit card and made those deductions from my account.

The point is we immediately phoned NAB about our Visa card.  Very efficient, straightaway the cards were cancelled and I will have new ones being issued to me.

Mr Willie - Is this part of your alibi?

Mr FINCH - I want to make sure because this is what I think people do not do - they do not check what is going on with their credit card.  People start in a small way and then it extrapolates into bigger amounts.

Just a warning to make regular checks on what is happening with your credit cards.