Thursday 11 April 2019

Hansard of the Legislative Council
Honourable James Scott Wilkinson - Tribute


Mr FINCH (Rosevears) - Mr President, it has been terrific to listen to the comments that people have been making and the esteem in which they hold you.  It has helped me to reflect on my 17 years here and the role that you have played.  Like the member for McIntyre, we sat next to the Chair of Committees there and you were a great help and comfort.

When you come into this place, it is such a strange theatre to come into.  How do you handle it?  It is as weird as.  People who say they understand what it is like here before they come here are delusional, it really is quite a strange atmosphere and it takes some time to adjust.  That comfort you presented to people in that role as Chair of Committees was one that helped up to settle in and take our time.  I remember when I was not sure when to give the inaugural speech:  'Do I do it now?' - 'No, just take your time, don't worry about it, when you are ready.'  Your words of advice have been amplified here; always available and always a great help to us all, as you can tell.  I know you are dying to get into your poem so I will not be long.

Again, too, to the member for Montgomery and the member for Pembroke, all the best on your campaigns.  Like others, I am sure we are going to see you both back here. 

Mr President, I wish you well.  I think the one thing, when I think back on my time here and the memories of Jim Wilkinson, that I will remember is your sense of humour.  We often talk; former president Don Wing used to say it and you have said it:  what you must remember and what you must retain here is your sense of humour, over and above the seriousness of the work we do on behalf of the people of Tasmania and you have certainly given me some great memories over the years in respect of your brand of era, and for that Mr President, I thank you.