Wednesday 10 August 2016

Hansard of the Legislative Council
Joint Select Committee on Future Gaming Markets - Appointment


Mr FINCH (Rosevears) - I echo and support what the member for Mersey has said about the date.  With the Leader's amendment, I understand the Government would want to be efficacious in moving this process through, not so much quickly but in a timely manner, to make sure there is some progress made on these questions.  Having been part of many committees here and with you, Mr President, being on the Community Development Committee, of which I was a member and chair for a number of years, I realise the constraints and difficulties of drawing together the members in these joint House committees.  Because we were focused on results with the Community Development Committee, we did not have the trouble the other committee had.  The member for Western Tiers might help me here, was it the ERD committee?
Mr Hall - The pre-eminent committee?  It was the Environment, Resources and Development Committee.

Mr FINCH - With that committee there were always concerns with drawing the participants and members together. 

Mr Hall - We had a lot of politics on that committee.

Mr FINCH - Yes, but we did not have that in the Community Development Committee because of the different nature of the issues.  We were quite a good collective in getting through to the end results.  Even then, if we think back to the time of our joint suicide reference, Mr President, that was over a long time with a lot of twists and turns.  I remember when we did the reference by Brett Whiteley when he was a member of the lower House, in respect of equipment for people with disabilities.  That would have to have been well over 12 months and probably more like an 18‑month review.  That did not have the forensic need this reference we are dealing with is going to have. 

Ms Forrest - I came onto that committee toward the end.  It is a narrow term of reference, in the big scheme of things.

Mr FINCH - This is not, the one we are dealing with.  If I thought for one minute this date could be adhered to, I would have no qualms with it.  I do not think it can be.  I hear the adjusted date brings us to 31 March.  The member for Mersey is right, there is so much on our plate between now and then.  If we extend it to March, that period is also close to the December period.  There are issues with this with respect to finishing our parliamentary work, fulfilling obligations to our community, as well as to the schools.  Then it is Christmas break and the time people are away.  People will know I have no problem working through these periods.  It is not an issue for me.  Let us not trawl over old ground. 
I will not be going back to Hansard, do not worry.  I understand people's reticence with doing committee work through the Christmas period, through January and into February.  Trying to get that report through by 31 March, I get a sense of foreboding trying to meet that date, and then not being able to be as forensic as you would want this reference to be. 
I also hear what the Leader says with respect of an extension of that date.  I have a sense it is going to be required.  It is not an appropriate date.  I believe 30 September is a safer date -

Ms Forrest - You can always report early.

Mr FINCH - That is right.  With the work and consideration that has to be done, it is practical and a better mindset for the committee members if they are not working to an agenda demanding it be done too quickly.

Mr PRESIDENT - Order.  If we can have one speaker please.

Mr FINCH - Thank you, yes.  I support the amendment.  I do not support the amendment to the amendment.