Wednesday 3 July 2013

Hansard of the Legislative Council




Mr FINCH (Rosevears) - Mr President, I wanted to bring the members' attention to some news I have received through a new site for Grange Old School Boxing, in respect of Daniel Geale. Whilst some may not be close followers of boxing, we all recognise that Daniel Geale has been the most outstanding performer in the history of Tasmanian boxing - he is a two-time world champion. He is going to defend his world IBF championship and the dates and location have been announced.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Daniel and his training staff and, of course, Sheena, who is very proud of him, and the children.  The fight is going to be in America, at the Revel Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The date is Sunday 18 August, so it is not too far distant.


Dr Goodwin - Are you going?


Mr FINCH - You would love to, wouldn't you? On the website there is an announcement that Daniel has arranged for one of his fans to take a parent - so that will be a ticket for two - to America, to attend the fight and meet up with Daniel there –


Mr Harriss - What are your chances, brother?


Mrs Taylor - Of taking his dad?


Mr FINCH - Dad might not be able to come with me. However, I could take a child - are you available?


Members laughing.


Mr FINCH - I wanted to share that news because we all acknowledge that Daniel is a wonderful ambassador for the sport of boxing, and also a wonderful ambassador for Tasmania.


Mr Dean - And Australia.


Mr FINCH - He is from the member for Windermere's electorate, I might point out, from Rocherlea. the way he represents the sport, Tasmania, and now Australia is wonderful for us to witness, and be part of the developing history of Daniel Geale. I will quote Daniel in a message he sent:

I would like to send out a big thank you for your overwhelming support over the last couple of years, it's a great motivation for me to continue performing my best in the fights ahead and I intend to do us all proud in the years to come.


The Council adjourned at 5.42 p.m.