Thursday 18 April 2013


Hansard of the Legislative Council






Mr FINCH (Rosevears) - I could simply stand up here and say, 'Hear, hear' to everything and the qualities people have talked about that Madam President has, but I will paraphrase a story I heard recently about Madam President. There was talk we were going to be sitting later and when Madam President was a member of the chamber gave the warning to the leader, 'If you do that, I will get tired and when I get tired I get crabby, and when I get crabby I talk a lot. So that is a threat'.


Members laughing.


Mr FINCH - On the subject of talking a lot, I remember when I first came into the chamber 11 years ago, watching the qualities of the people in the chamber and having utmost respect for each and every one. For me, the stand-out figure was the member for Montgomery who would sit in that seat where you are, member for Elwick, and with her books around her and accoutrements all ready to go. When she came to the lectern it was always very measured, it was always a thoughtful contribution and sometimes a longish one, not because she loved being up here but because she had things to say which certainly resonated with me and other members. We always listened with respect and we always came away with a better understanding of what we were dealing with when we listened to the member for Montgomery make her contributions. I think you are right, we do miss those contributions on the floor but clause 1 has been wonderful a couple of times, and that has just woken the leader up.

To you, Madam President, thanks very much for your company and the humour that we have shared from time to time, and the hospitality that you have shown to us members, as President. We have been able in a good-humoured way to share your company and thank you for the example that you have set for us to follow. Your memory will live on in this House, and particularly the incident with the member for Mersey; I thought he was going to say, 'Oi!', to get everybody's attention. That was an incident when Madam President and I were having a discussion and the member for Mersey thought that it was improper for us to be talking while he was at the lectern, so he gained our attention by yelling 'Oi!' and it was the first and last time we have heard that.

Members laughing.

Mr FINCH - And, hopefully, it will be the last time we will see that shirt as well.

Members laughing.

Mr FINCH - However, I have digressed from the matter at hand, Madam President. I simply want to say thank you for your company, for your leadership and for being a woman as an agent of change.

Members - Hear, hear.