Tuesday 25 September 2012

Hansard of the Legislative Council


Mr HALL (Western Tiers - Motion) - I move -

That the Legislative Council -

(1) Supports the DairyTas growth program of making more milk - 'Filling the Factories';

(2) Notes that the industry funds of $400 000 have already been committed to support the total program budget of $1.556 million; and

(3) Urges the state and federal governments to commit to funding the balance of $1.156 million to ensure that the new program proceeds.

Mr FINCH (Rosevears) - I am surprised to be speaking so early in the parliamentary session.

I would not support the amendment because the case put forward by the member for Western Tiers is quite clear; it states the facts. I think it is a notice of motion that is going to signal the support that would be appreciated by the industry when it has put its best foot forward - $400 000 - and they are looking for this $1.556 million - I think you were saying $1.156 -

Mr Hall - They only need $1.156 million to make up the $1.556 million.

Mr FINCH - Thanks for clarifying that for me. Point (3) put forward by the government reads -

(3) Notes the significant contribution both the federal and state governments have made to this industry.

That point is acknowledged, but I do not see any need for the government to be patting itself on the back. Point (4) reads -

(4) Notes that the state government is committed to the future enhancement of the industry and will explore options, in conjunction with stakeholders, to identify opportunities for growth.

They are weasel words and airy-fairy stuff without the solid commitment that the original point (3) makes. They are calling for a solid commitment, not airy-fairy words so I do not support the amendment.