Tuesday 12 October 2010
Hansard of the Legislative Council
Mr FINCH ( Rosevears) - It is really an interesting debate. I have enjoyed listening to the arguments and the presentations that have been put forward. Of course we have had a lot of information and a lot of opportunity now to get our heads around what the debate is all about, what the issues are, what the ramifications are and what might be the benefits for our work here in the Legislative Council.

It was interesting because I have some friends here who have come to join me for dinner tonight - Viv Tyson and James Tyson -

Mr Hall - That's the only reason you got up to speak.

Members laughing.

Mr FINCH - Is it that obvious? I will sit down now, thank you.

Members laughing.

Madam PRESIDENT - What makes you think you are going to get a meal this evening?

Mr FINCH - I did want to enlighten them - before they came in to observe the House - about the debate and where it was at this stage, what the debate was about, what both parties were trying to achieve - the Leader and the member for Murchison - and -

Mr Wing - How did you get to know all that?

Members laughing.

Mr FINCH - It was through osmosis somehow, I do not know.

Our discussions today were really interesting for me, being Chair of the Community Development Committee and extrapolating my experiences there over to what this might represent, and my work under the chairmanship of the member for Apsley and how we can best serve the taxpayers of Tasmania and the community of Tasmania. Will we better serve our communities by going down this path that the member for Murchison is taking us? I have the impression at this stage that we will better serve on committees. It will create extra opportunity for scrutiny if things occur that we feel need further investigation. We do not have that power at this time, or not in a timely manner that we probably would hope to have.

Other members have spoken in more detail about the issues so there is no need for me to go back over that ground. I feel that our committee work and the work that we do on behalf of the taxpayers of Tasmania will be better served by agreeing to this amendment and then we will be able to move on to the motion, with which I am feeling quite comfortable.