I’m very pleased to be with you to help inaugurate this new bus service for Legana. This Metro-standard service is the outcome of community action and the State Government’s review of core passenger bus services across Tasmania.

In improving public transport services governments have a set of priorities. These are not set in stone; priorities change with circumstances. They also can change when a community determinedly articulates its needs with a good argument.

This new Legana bus service is the result of a community getting together to put a reasoned argument to government. And in this case the Government has listened---and acted. The service is in place for the beginning of the new school year. It gives students in the Legana area a new freedom.

Of course this service is not just for students; it will help residents who commute daily to Launceston, and shoppers who might want to go to Riverside or into the City.

The State passenger service review meets a need to introduce secure contracts to give operators an incentive to invest in new and better equipped buses.

I congratulate Manions Coaches, particularly Bernard on its forward thinking. I have tried out the service and it is well up to the standard that Legana residents are seeking.

I now have much pleasure in launching the new Legana-Launceston bus service.