Thursday 1 December 2005

Mr FINCH (Rosevears) - Mr President, again, there seems to be no option but to pass this bill. I note that like the Police Powers (Public Safety) Bill these measures have an expiry date 10 years from now, but as we have heard earlier, COAG will review these in five years' time. Detention without charge is abhorrent, but what other option is there in a case of actual or imminent terrorist attack? I note that any application for a preventative detention order is to be subject to normal and proper judicial review by the Supreme Court.

I also note from our briefing today, and I thank the Leader for arranging that, that a person who is subject to a preventative detention order cannot be questioned while under the order except to confirm identity or wellbeing. Once a person is charged, a preventative detention order will not be necessary and normal police interviews can be held.

There are other safeguards too, which we have heard about. The greatest safeguard would be for any terrorist threat in Tasmania to go far from our shores. I remain optimistic that that will be the case. I support the bill.