Government Estimates – Legislative Council

Wednesday 9 July 2008


Mr FINCH (Question) - Can the Leader advise, firstly, whether the Government will be reviewing the Strata Titles Act because of the supposed ambiguity in section 91(1)(b) which has been advised to both the Attorney-General and the Minister for Planning after a dispute involving a property at Grindelwald in my electorate of Rosevears? Secondly, is there any time frame for an amendment to the Strata Titles Act?
Mr PARKINSON - I thank the honourable member for his question. Of course the honourable member probably realises that there was a comprehensive review of the Strata Titles Act before the 2006 amendment passed through the House and during that review no issue was raised with the Government in relation to section 91(1)(b). The issue that the honourable member refers to has been raised with the Government. However, the Recorder of Titles and RMPAT differ slightly in their interpretation of section 91(1)(b) so there is a need for a review of that section. The Recorder of Titles is undertaking that review.
I am advised that it will take some time. There is quite a bit of preparatory work. Stakeholders need to be consulted and so on. It is anticipated that that review will be completed by the end of the calendar year but until that takes place I cannot really give you any details on the form of any amendment at this stage.