Tuesday 8 July 2008
Legislative Council Hansard


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3.1  Tourism marketing
Interstate Visitors
Mr FINCH - Mr Chairman, I am just having a look at this information that has come through to us, and there is an interesting figure here that I would like to explore a little bit, if I can, with regard to interstate visitors to Tasmania.  I notice a figure here that is really very encouraging, and I am wondering whether I could talk about the marketing tactic, or something that might have been done to give us those increased figures. 

In respect to interstate visitors to Tasmania from South Australia, last year, 37 800; this year, 56 600, so there is a percentage increase there of some 50 per cent.  In respect of them being leisure visitors, there is an increase of 52 per cent, and if we look down at the table just below to nights stayed in Tasmania from South Australia, it has increased by 25 per cent, and the leisure visitor nights by 30 per cent.  There are some really interesting figures there.  As the chair of our committee has said, we have not had a chance to explore these figures but I am wondering if, Leader, at this stage, I could just get some indication from you as to what was put in place to encourage that extra visitation from South Australia.

Mr PARKINSON - My advice indicates that we think that television advertising on the mainland is partly the answer but it is all about promoting regional tourism within Tasmania through the travel agents, through the industry, online, TV, et cetera, so that is the program that is promoting Tasmania on the mainland.

Mr FINCH - Yes, but I am just curious.  I see there are fluctuating figures here, an 11 per cent increase from Victoria which obviously represents a major market for us in respect of visitors here.  There has been a diminution as far as New South Wales is concerned; that has gone down 15 per cent.  The figure that stands out predominantly here, however, is the South Australian one, which is very encouraging.  I am curious to know if something special has been done in South Australia to increase those figures and could that program or whatever has happened there not be replicated in somewhere like New South Wales where we have had that diminution of 15 per cent?

Mr PARKINSON - My advice indicates that we think that the New South Wales variation is due to growth in the outbound holiday market from that State.  Obviously, Sydneysiders are in a better position to go outbound in the current market than perhaps people in other States.  It is cheaper for them to do it than others who perhaps have to go there before they do that and that is one of the issues.  We think that the South Australian one - and I come back to the point that my advice indicated first up - is the online promotion and the travel agent promotion through the industry.  It seems to have worked better in South Australia over the period relative to other States.

Mr Finch - While you are on your feet, is it the same sort of program that goes around each of the States?  Would it be a similar sort of program to agents in that sense?


Item agreed to.