Tuesday 8 July 2008

In Committee

Output group 2

Parks and wildlife management

2.1  Parks and wildlife management
Mr FINCH - I have a few questions, so I will tick them off as I get answers, if I am able to.  This is something that we talked about at budget Estimates.  Is there an explanation of why the case of the aborted proposal for an eco-camp at Bryans Corner on the east coast has not been settled?  Also, why have dispute resolution procedures within the lease of the site apparently been abandoned?  Also, it comes to the point of compensation to be paid for what turned out to be the forced closure of a very carefully conceived business plan which was supported by the State Government.  In fact it received a Federal Government Australian industry award for the way the business was set up and conducted.  Finally, what changes to procedures will be made to make sure that a fiasco - which is probably the best way it can be described - such as this does not occur again?  It would certainly deter further investment in Tasmanian tourism projects if others are treated in a similar manner.  Perhaps the Leader can get some answers to those questions, please.

Mr PARKINSON - The whole matter is complicated and no doubt honourable members have heard of the eagle's nest case involving the Brammalls.  It is not settled, mainly because of the legal issues involved, but discussions are continuing between the disputing parties.  All I can say is that those discussions are directed at a form of settlement but that is as far as I can take it at this stage.  As far as the issues which led to the situation are concerned, my advice is that a review took place and all those issues have been addressed in a manner which indicates that the risk of a similar event occurring in the future, for whatever reason, is very low.  We do not anticipate a similar situation arising in the future.