Tuesday 24 June 2008
Estimates Committee B

The Office of the Governor
Mr FINCH - I am still in the garden because I am curious about the bowling green.

Mr BARTLETT - I am glad someone was going to ask that.  I was sitting here thinking, 'I cannot ask any questions.'

Mr FINCH - And if you could, you would ask about the bowling green.  It was re-established some time ago by Governor William Cox.  I know that the parliamentary bowls team - I believe he is the patron of the parliamentary bowls team - had an opportunity to go and use the green.  Is it still being maintained?

Mr CHILCOTT - It certainly is, and the Governor has made it quite clear that he is quite happy for the parliamentary bowls club to use it at any time.

Mr FINCH - Is he a bowler himself?

Mr CHILCOTT - Not that I am aware of.

Mr FINCH - He might have to be replaced by - not that I have offered him the job - but on that day that the parliamentary bowls team goes there, the Premier might care to join us.

Mr BARTLETT - I would love to come along.  It would be terrific.

Mrs JAMIESON - Further to that, chair, we are due to have the parliamentary bowls being held here in Tasmania next year, so maybe we could come up -

Mr BARTLETT - A function at Government House, I can see now.

CHAIR - No inter-State trip coming up?

Mrs JAMIESON - No, we are going to stay at home.

CHAIR - I am not sure they will get enough to go.

Mr CHILCOTT - I am well placed to advise the Governor on bowls, having been for eight or 10 years the secretary/treasurer of the parliamentary bowls club.

CHAIR - Do you get to travel as well, Mr Chilcott, to the events that happen inter-State?

Mr CHILCOTT - To the bowls?

CHAIR - Yes.

Mr CHILCOTT - I did in those days.

Mr FINCH - The member for Launceston mentioned about the ambassadors and you alluded to it as well.  They are now back being accommodated?

Mr CHILCOTT - Indeed they are, yes.  Usually they stay for two or three nights.  There is an official dinner, and the Governor and his wife usually have an informal dinner as well.

Mr FINCH - It was interesting before when that operation ceased and they were accommodated in the city itself, because I would imagine that the people who come to visit as ambassadors and stay at Government House must be really impressed with the way we host them.

Mr CHILCOTT - We are certainly the only State where as a matter of course they stay at Government House.  It is certainly very popular with the ambassadors.

Mr FINCH - How many ambassadors will you be expecting in the near future?

Mr CHILCOTT - It is the Department of Premier and Cabinet who officially organises their itineraries and invites them -

Mr BARTLETT - I can tell you that for 2006-07 there were nine ambassadorial visits and 2007-08 there were 13.  So I imagine you could extrapolate out to next year.

Mr FINCH - Yes. So it is quite an active program; isn't it?

Mr CHILCOTT - It is, yes.

Mr FINCH - Thanks very much