Tuesday 24 June 2008
Estimates Committee B (Bartlett)

6.5 Multicultural Tasmania –
Mr FINCH - You mentioned those grants. Was there a mention there of Harmony Day or was that just in my mind?

Mr BARTLETT - Harmony Day is run by the Multicultural Council of Tasmania; is that right? No. I am getting a 'no'.

Ms SCOTT - Harmony Day is actually an Australian Government program - it is a national program. We work in partnership in terms of Harmony Day, but it is actually an Australian Government initiative as is the national action plan.  We work collaboratively with the Australian Government on some projects.

Mr FINCH - You may not realise, Premier, and probably Ms Scott might like to elaborate on what happened to this year's Harmony Day function. It did not go ahead, I think through a lack of funding.

Mr WING - It did not go ahead. Nothing happened.

Mr FINCH - No, that is right. But I am just -

Ms SCOTT - It did in Devonport.

Mr FINCH - In Devonport?

Mr BARTLETT - It is an Australian Government funded thing, so if the funding has been cut it is not -

Ms SCOTT - That would have been a decision by the Australian Government in terms of its funding, I imagine.

Mr FINCH - So I do not know if you have ever seen that in Launceston, but it was quite a spectacular and very, very special day.

Mr BARTLETT - It was a great day.

Mr FINCH - Four thousand people odd at the Queen Victorian Museum and Art Gallery in Inveresk, and achieving all the aims of a multicultural society and what you are trying to project. That did not go ahead, I believe because of some funding issues, but there might also be issues there with getting the volunteers and the people to actually run it and organise it. Just a suggestion, Premier: that really should come back on the radar, that Harmony Day, because I think it presented an opportunity for our community from the different cultures to express themselves.

Mr BARTLETT - I have attended Harmony Day on many occasions. It is a fantastic day.

Mr FINCH - In Launceston?

[4.00 p.m.]
Mr FINCH - In Launceston?

Mr BARTLETT - No, not in Launceston, only in Hobart.

Mr FINCH - Launceston's was very special and, as I say, I think there is an issue there with the organisation and it should be back on the radar. If it needs support from the State, I hope that will be the case.