Monday 23 June 2008
Hon Michelle O’Byrne
Art Industry Development


Mr FINCH - There is an increase in the coming year for Ten Days on the Island?

Ms O'BYRNE - Yes.

Mr FINCH - That is grants and sundries, is it?

Ms O'BYRNE - Yes, we can do that now if you want to. 

Mr FINCH - Thank you, Chair.

CHAIR - We will move on now -

Ms O'BYRNE - Can I quickly answer that question because I do not think Mr Finch realised he would not get a chance to have that question answered now.  The money is consistent money of $1 million each year, which will allow them to get the interest on it as well.  So it is consistent funding that they know that they are going to get and they can use the interest as well.  So that is the ongoing payment.

Mr FINCH - I had a couple of questions on Ten Days on the Island.  Is our advisor going?

Ms O'BYRNE - You can still do it in administered payments at the end, but I do not want Katherine to leave on that basis.

CHAIR - In the interest of allowing Katherine to go, we might ask Mr Finch if he would like to ask that question.

Mr FINCH - Thanks.  I did want to ask about Ten Days on the Island because there is an increase in the coming year and then the consequent drop in the Forward Estimates of 2009-10, and then we have a fairly substantial increases.  So what is in the crystal ball?  What is happening?


[5.00 p.m.]
Ms O'BYRNE - You know they will not tell us what is in he program, don't you?  You enjoy getting little bits out every now and then.  In fact, you could ask him that and he would have to tell you.

Mr FINCH - When is the next Ten Days on the Island program; from when to when?

Ms O'BYRNE - For 10 days next year.

Ms HOUGH - It is in March-April 2009 so they will be doing the program launch around October-November this year.  What the budget papers have shown is an Evening Out as the one in which that administered payment is put forward.  Where previously they had a large sum in the festival year followed by a small sum the following year, we have evened it out so that they get the money across the years which makes it much easier for them to consistently program, engage in contracts for the next two to three year period so the fluctuation is no longer there.

Ms O'BYRNE - And it gives us an opportunity for higher investment.

Ms HOUGH - Absolutely.

Mr FINCH - So Ten Days on the Island has been an obvious success?

Ms O'BYRNE - Yes.

Mr FINCH - And it is here to stay?  The Government obviously endorses that view -

Ms O'BYRNE - Indeed.

Mr FINCH - with doubling the budget allocation for the coming year.

Ms O'BYRNE - It is not really doubling but -

Mr FINCH - What is it now, $1.4 million?

Ms HOUGH - Yes, it is $1.4 million.

Mr FINCH - That is a recognition by the Government that this is part of our agenda now?

Ms O'BYRNE - Of the 165 609 people who attended the events last time, 27 146 went to ticketed events, 24 780 to free events and we had 113 683 attending exhibitions and installations.  I think the Tasmanian community has spoken very firmly about how they view the role of Ten Days in the Government's agenda.

Mr FINCH - Is it still about bringing entertainers from islands?

Ms O'BYRNE - Yes, that is still the focus.

Ms HOUGH - It is still very much an island spectacle.

Mr FINCH - Fine, okay.

Mr WING - And only that, isn't it?

Ms O'BYRNE - Yes and also showcasing some of our Island talents as well.

Mr WING - As long as they come from the Island State.

CHAIR - Thank you, Katherine, we appreciate you coming back and the table.