Wednesday 11 July 2018
Hansard of the Legislative Council

Timing of Briefings

[5.29 p.m.]
Mrs HISCUTT (Montgomery - Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council) - Mr President, I thank the member for Murchison for her contribution.

Mr PRESIDENT - Adjournment speeches are not to debate issues or concerns.

Mrs HISCUTT - Okay.  I need to defend the Government only on one issue.  How do I do that?

Mr PRESIDENT - My advice is that you are able to do that.

Mrs HISCUTT - Your comments will be noted and certainly taken to the appropriate people.

With regard to briefings, there is nothing to stop any honourable member over the break from consulting on any of those bills.  They have been put in your in-basket so you would have them.  I am told from time to time that briefings should be closer to the actual debate of the bill, plus that bill is not in our House yet.  We do not have a bill before us yet to debate.

There will be briefings in due course.  If any honourable members wish to consult on that bill or any particular bill during the break or any time, please feel free to do so.

[5.31 p.m.]
Mr FINCH (Rosevears) - Mr President, the suggestion I would make to the honourable Leader is that, with the suggestion coming to you that the briefings be closer to the time when we have the debate, sometimes that is not as advantageous if you are doing your research, if you want to go out and find out more about what is unfolding in the community and how your community leaders or the people affected feel about it.  If you have that information from the horse's mouth, you are better equipped to do your research.