Wednesday 11 July 2018
Hansard of the Legislative Council


1.2  Industry and Business Development -

Mr FINCH - I am going to echo what has been suggested here previously about the lateness of receiving information.  I asked some questions about the breakdown of figures regarding completed programs.  I assumed it would be a simple process to put that request together and it would be covered efficaciously.  We have had to wait for that detail to come through to the point I have the information I require.  I am critical of the lateness of receiving that in respect of getting ourselves prepared to come into the Chamber to ask our questions and to know where we need to go to get answers. 

I add my voice to what we have heard here over the last couple of days about the lateness of information because this is budget Estimates time.  People should be ready to swing into action.  If we ask for information to come to us in respect of answers that cannot be provided by the minister and by advisers on the day, people should be ready - not to drop everything and jump to it - but to be efficient in hunting down that information so when we come here, we have had time to go over it.  The papers I have over here - I am not the only one making a mess all over the show - try to follow the program, and the procedures we have to embrace are not confusing, but we have minutiae to put in order. 

I just checked with the Chair of Committees about the order in which we are running our program here today, and it is bobbing all over the show.  It is hard to keep track of our program to make sure we keep up to speed with what is happening with the program.

Mr Dean - We probably will have tables next year to put it on, not on the floor.

Mr FINCH - That is right.  I have been meaning to speak to you about that, member for Windermere.  I have had my bellyache.  It goes also for the next section, which is on the inclusion of apprentice and trainee information in performance information.  The information is fantastic but leaving it to the last minute to provide us with that information has not been a good process. 

Mrs HISCUTT - In response, I apologise.