Tuesday 5 April 2011
Hansard of the Legislative Council

Mr FINCH (Question) - My question is to the honourable Minister for Police. Is the Government aware of the increasing public concern, especially in Launceston after last week's attack on a man in Welman Street, over apparently unprovoked street assaults and what measures is the Government considering to counter these assaults?
Ms THORP - Madam President, I thank the honourable member for his question. While the number of public place assaults for the year to date within the northern district has fallen from 217 to 209, within Launceston division the number of public place assaults for year to date has increased from 159 to 172. Since 1 July last year, within the Launceston CBD there have been five reported assaults similar to the incident in Welman Street reported in the media on Sunday, 2 April 2011. Four occurred prior to 1 January 2011 and offenders have been charged in relation to those matters. The Welman Street robberies are currently being investigated by the Launceston CIB.
Tasmania Police is committed to maintaining a high visibility presence in the Launceston area, particularly the business precincts and at major public events, to provide reassurance for the community. Increased and high visibility patrols in the central business district have been implemented together with deployment of the public order response team within the CBD, including the Quadrant Mall and Royal Park.
During the last three months some 21 move-on orders have been issued with the parents or carers of juveniles also notified that their child has come to the attention of police. In addition to high visibility front-line policing, Tasmania Police is engaging with stakeholders through the Launceston Safer Community Partnership to identify other strategies to reduce crime and enhance community safety. These stakeholders include CityProm, government departments, youth services groups and the Launceston City Council. Tasmania Police is also advancing arrangements to hold a business forum with members of CBD business owners to further discuss these issues and has also established partnerships with local business and hotels such as the Launceston Liquor Accord which have been important contributing factors in managing alcohol related behaviour.