Tuesday 6 October 2009
Hansard of the Legislative Council



Mr FINCH (Rosevears) - Madam President, over the weekend it was interesting to have Cabinet in my area, the Tuscany of the Southern Hemisphere.

Mr Aird - I thought I recognised it.

Mr FINCH - Of course we had a rousing welcome for you.  As the pulp mill was not the only issue, I am wondering if the Treasurer can apprise me of some of the other issues that he learnt about in his time in my electorate of Rosevears?

Mr AIRD - I thank the honourable member for his question.  It was a really good day in the honourable member's electorate and it is lucky I like drums and whistles -

Mr Finch - Bells and whistles?

Mr AIRD - No, I like drums.  I love drums!

The fact is that we live in a great State and the rights to protest and disagree exist and no-one can deny anyone the opportunity to express their view in a peaceful manner and in a lawful manner.  I met about 30 individuals and generally their issues all related to the pulp mill.  There were a couple of other issues which related to areas of economic development.  One in particular related to the Greens Beach golf course and a potential development there of some millions of dollars and the planning issues surrounding that and subsequent development, and the issue of water to any potential sub-development at Greens Beach.  The majority of the meetings were about the pulp mill.

Mr Martin - Have you changed your mind?

Mr AIRD - No, I have not changed my mind at all.  It might surprise you.

Members laughing.

Mr AIRD - The honourable member supports the pulp mill as well, I keep reminding myself.

The fact is that there has been some misinformation relating to section 11 of the act and I had the opportunity to assure those who were concerned that their common law rights were still maintained under this section of the act and the right of legal appeal and so on relates to the process.  There is actually a similar provision in the State Policies and Projects Act.  It afforded me the opportunity to clarify some legal issues.  I do not think anyone was prepared to change their mind, but I did agree that if they left information for me which deserved further fulsome answers I would provide them to them, and I will.