Legislative Council Hansard
Thursday 12th June 2008


[2.43 p.m.]
Mr FINCH (Question) - Madam President, I ask a question of the Leader in respect of the incident that we had here with a motion being moved by the Leader on behalf of the Premier.  Some years ago we had an issue with the member for Murchison.  We took exception to a motion coming on the Floor without notice so that we could respond effectively.  I notice the former President did respond today and of course, being thoughtful and mindful of the situation with the former Premier, was able to give an excellent discourse on the effect on him and on Parliament.  Could we have more notice of those sorts of motions in the future so that we could respond accordingly?

Mr PARKINSON - There is no provision for response; that is the first thing.  The provision for response today was made by way of exception in the circumstances, as the honourable President explained, as a concession but not to be seen as a precedent.  So if we want to respond to these things we will need a change in the Standing Orders but the ability is there for the Leader to make a ministerial statement or seek leave to make a statement during government business time.  As you know, private members can seek leave to do various things during private members' time but of course the Government will at times object if not given notice where matters are going to affect the ability of the Government to do its work.  I hope that answers the question.