Legislative Council Hansard
Tuesday 10 June 2008

[3.37 p.m.]
Mr FINCH (Question) - Can the Leader please advise:

(1)     What is the present waiting time for a driver's licence test in Launceston?

(2)     What efforts are being made to reduce this time to a more reasonable two-week wait?

(3)     What other options are there for a Launceston resident wanting a driver's licence urgently?

Mr PARKINSON - I thank the honourable member for his question.  As at 5 June 2008 -

(1)     There was a waiting period of 28.5 weeks.

(2)     The Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources - DIER - is implementing a strategy to reduce waiting periods.  This includes the appointment of an additional 4.5 driver-testing officers statewide, along with two new part-time driver-testing officers to test on the east and west coasts.  The driver-testing officer on the east coast will particularly benefit Launceston as it will remove the need for a Launceston-based driver-testing officer to cover that area.

(3)     Internal DIER processes exist for special circumstances where a learner can take an earlier driving test in order to obtain or retain employment.