Wednesday 16 April 2008
Mr FINCH (Question) - Mr President, a question without notice to the Leader.  I received a call yesterday from a constituent in respect of somebody who is not able to renew his licence.  I am not sure of the circumstances, but he is 85 years of age and his licence, I believe, is not going to be renewed.  I want to ask a series of questions to try to clarify for myself what the situation is in respect of the Anti-Discrimination Act.  I presented those questions this morning, but I am informed by the Leader's office that those answers will not be available to me at this time and that I will need to put the questions on notice. 
 If we do not come back for six weeks, here I am with somebody who is distressed in my community, wanting me to help clarify his situation, yet I am told that I cannot have the answers because the minister - the Premier - is not available.  I would have thought that advisers from his office would be able to make an assessment of the situation, provide the answers, get the Premier to sign off - wherever he is - and have those answers provided to me.

Mr PRESIDENT - Order.  This is question time if the honourable member needs to ask a question, otherwise he can deal with the matter on the adjournment.

Mr FINCH - Okay.  Could those answers be provided tomorrow at question time?

Mr PARKINSON - My advice is that the Premier is unavailable to answer the questions until the end of the week and that was why it was suggested to the honourable member that he put them on notice.