Monday 18 June 2007

Mr Dean
Mr Finch
Mrs Jamieson
Mrs Rattray-Wagner
Mrs Smith (Chair)
Ms Ritchie

Hon. David Llewellyn , Minister for Primary Industries; Minister for Police and Emergency Management; Minister for Energy

Department of Primary Industries and Water
Kim Evans , Secretary


Mr FINCH You touched on this question already. When the Printing Authority of Tasmania property is sold, will it remain with Crown Land Services as an asset with another department?

Mr LLEWELLYN - There was a statement by the Treasurer in the budget delivery regarding the question of the Southern Cemetery Trust, the Printing Authority and the Hobart International Airport. That process will be led by Treasury. At the end of the process we will be asked to do some land and title transfers.

Mr EVANS - We also need to draw a distinction between selling the business and selling the land on which the business is based. In the case of the Government Printer, as you know, they were previously occupying this site out here.

CHAIR - Straight out the window.

Mr EVANS - Straight out the window. They have vacated that site. It is a vacant site. No decision has been taken at this point about what the future of that site is to be. That is part of current considerations in relation to the broader Heritage Square.

Mr FINCH - Is that land with Crown Land Services?

Mr EVANS - It is crown land.

CHAIR - They hold the title but they will not get the money from the sale.

Mr LLEWELLYN - That may not be sold.

Mr EVANS - There has been no decision taken.

Mr LLEWELLYN - The whole precinct is subject to possible further assessment and redevelopment and it has been for many years. No outcome has ever been made possible because there are quite a number of hurdles associated with it. I assume that the building that the Printing Authority occupied would still be part of that overall assessment.

Mr FINCH - How will it work with the schools, if they are sold or amalgamated and they are on prime real estate?

Mr LLEWELLYN - The Education Department has owned some vacant land for future expansion that is probably not going to happen into the future, so there is an arrangement where that sort of land or assets can be used for other purposes and goes out of the hands of the Education Department. They get a small recognition as part of that process, and the Government then can deal with it in the way that we are talking about. The area is surveyed and valued by the Valuer-General. It then becomes available for other uses.

Mr FINCH - In table 11.3, summary of financial information, there was an increase in advertising and promotion. This is an area that I like to see increasing, that is, educating people about the services that the government is offering. There is an increase for information and land services of 46.3 per cent. Was that for a specific project or is that an ongoing amount?

Mr LLEWELLYN - You asked the question and got the answer before. This increase reflects the allocation of resources to fund the promotional activities related to the opening of the new Service Tasmania shop at Kingston - $19,000.

Mr FINCH- Thank you.