Friday 22 June 2007 - Estimates Committee B (O'Byrne) - Part 1 - Pages 1 - 77
Friday 22 June 2007
Mr Dean
Mr Finch
Mrs Jamieson
Mrs Rattray-Wagner
Ms Ritchie
Mrs Smith (Chair)

Hon. Michelle O'Byrne , Minister for Community Development; Minister assisting the Premier on Local Government

(Department of Economic Development

Output group 2
Sport and Recreation


Mr FINCH - On this subject, the community recreation grants and the CSL, how are they accessed? I just want to get a clarification on that. Are they both the same process and how is that done? Is it done online to the offices? In Launceston, for instance, do people need to go to the Silverdome to get a form to apply or to Service Tasmania?

Ms JACK - You can get the form straight off the Internet, however people can also either call our 1800 number or one of the offices throughout the State - north, north-west or south - and that form can be mailed out. It just depends on the person's preference. If it is accessed online they still must print it off and actually complete the form. I am talking at the moment about the minor and major grants programs because the community recreation grants program has not been completely developed, but it will be a very similar situation. The difference will be that with the minor and major grants program, because those two programs are funded through the community support levy, as I am sure you would understand, there are certain parameters that we have to work within. It makes it a much more rigorous process and we have to be much more complete in the information we get and the way we make our decisions.
The community recreation grants program will be much more flexible, we are hoping. We are looking at a much simpler application form that does not require all of the information, and because it is not community support levy funding, which will not provide funds to charitable organisations, for instance, this will be much more inclusive and available to a larger number of organisations.
As the minister said, it must break down barriers to participation, whatever the application is. If there is a partnership arrangement then that will be given priority and, obviously, if it is clearly sustainable and something that will go on into the long term, that will be given priority. It does not exclude other applications. We will be basically trying to establish an application form that asks what you want the money for, how much you want, what you are going to achieve, what the outcomes in the long term are and how it breaks down those barriers, and that is pretty much it. We will not be asking questions that are totally irrelevant and do not really make a difference at the end of the day to what has been delivered.

Mr FINCH - How will you celebrate if you get the grant?

Ms O'BYRNE - I am sure nothing like you, Mr Finch.

Mr FINCH - Is it open to individuals as well as organisations?

Ms JACK - At this stage, and this is early days, we have not established all the criteria but our thinking at the moment is that it will not be. It would have to be an organisation that applies on behalf of the individuals because $1 million - and actually it is $950 000 that will go towards the program - we need $ 50 000 just to support it through administration. We do not do that with the CSL-funded grants. To administer another $1 million worth of grants with no extra support would be impossible so it will be $950 000 available to organisations.

It is fantastic, but the money will not go as far as everyone would like it to and I think if you break it down to individuals, it becomes much more difficult to administer and much more difficult to assess.

Ms O'BYRNE - Having said that, Mr Finch, could I suggest that if you do come across individuals who are interested, they make contact with a Sport and Recreation consultant because it may be that there is an organisation that they can be linked with in order to make connection with the funding opportunities.



Mr FINCH - Okay. Mr FINCH - Minister, with regard to support for Paralympics and Special Olympics, do we have a Special Olympics competition in Beijing at the same time or is it the Paralympics?

Ms JACK - It is not Special Olympics, it is Paralympics and yes, the Beijing Olympic Games will then be followed immediately by the Beijing Paralympic Games. When we speak Olympic we also mean Paralympic so there is no distinction for us and that is probably unfortunate because I think for a lot of other people it is not clear. Wherever the word 'Olympic' has been used that is also Paralympic so if we have Paralympians then they will be factored into this as well.

Ms O'BYRNE - We do make an ongoing contribution to the Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games committees. I do not have the figure for that, but it is an ongoing contribution.

Ms JACK - It is an ongoing contribution of $30 000 annually to the Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games Team Fund. That is a contribution that Tasmania makes to the Australian Olympic Committee, the Australian Paralympic Committee and the Australian Commonwealth Games Association, through the Tasmanian bodies, to assist with the cost of getting the team to the games.

CHAIR - So regardless of the number of Tasmanian participants, whether there are many or none, it is still a $30 000 annual contribution to the national concept?

Ms JACK - It certainly has been. There has been a commitment for the next three years, I think, for that to continue.

Mr FINCH - On an individual basis is there any support, as there is for other athletes? Is there any support individually for athletes and officials who might go to Beijing?

Ms O'BYRNE - It comes under the same $100 000.

Mr FINCH - But just under the $30 000?

Ms JACK - No, it is out of the $100 000 that will go to Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches and officials.

Ms O'BYRNE - Dominic Moneypenny, for instance, is still in contention to represent Australia at the Paralympics in rowing, as opposed to all the other things that Dominic could represent Australia in.



CHAIR - Any questions, Mr Finch, on Women Tasmania?

Mr FINCH - No, I do not have a question on Women Tasmania but I am a bit curious to find out, as far as the minister is concerned, whether there is some thought process in respect of Men Tasmania?

Mrs JAMIESON - I mentioned you earlier.

CHAIR - Let us not get out of order.

Ms O'BYRNE - My super staff would love to meet with you on that subject.

Mr FINCH - I just wanted to reiterate to get some more focus.

CHAIR - I did make the comment earlier that Health have done some substantial work on men's health.

Mr FINCH - Thank you very much