Legislative Council

Tuesday 19 June 2007
Estimates Committee B (Cox) - Part 2



Mr FINCH - I do not understand the terminology of the performance information in output group 2, which is table 6.6. It is really a clarification. The percentage diminution is so minuscule I am just curious about why it has even been registered. It is in motor registry system availability and the actuals were 100 for 2004-05 and 2005-06 and then the target for 2006-07 and 2007-08 is 99 per cent. I am just curious about that little figure there and what it means.

Mr FOWLER - That KPI refers to the actual up-time of the motor registry system in all of the Service Tasmania shops, so invariably we have allocated a period of time such as weekends or public holidays where the system is actually taken down for what are called patches.

Mr FINCH - How do you mean patches? Do you mean patches of time?

Mr FOWLER - The actual software in the system needs to be changed so we have to have amendments to the software on occasions, so we take the system down for periods of time which is actually conveyed to all of the stakeholders and the system is actually fixed over that period of time.

Mr FINCH - What you are saying is that occurs over weekends?

Mr FOWLER - Yes.

Mr FINCH - I was just curious and I understand it is a minuscule point. Why would it be like 100 per cent actual and now down to 99 per cent? Is there one particular long weekend you are going to do it on a Friday before you go on holidays, or what?

Mr FOWLER - The aim is to make it 100 per cent, but invariably we do not always get 10 out of 10.

Mr FINCH - So you give yourself a bit of leeway?

Mr FOWLER - A little bit of leeway.