Tuesday 4 November 2003


Mr FINCH (Question) - Mr President, a question without notice to the Leader. Is the Leader aware of reports of many escaped trout in the Tamar River and fears that they may have an unfavourable effect on the ecology of the river? There has been a suggestion that several tonnes of sea-run trout and Atlantic salmon have escaped into the river in recent months. One correspondent to the Examiner newspaper suggested the escapees could infect the wild fishery with disease. I want to know if questions about the possible effects of any fish escapes can be addressed by the State Government.

Mr AIRD - I thank the honourable member for his question. From my experience of escapes of fish from hatcheries, they do not stay in the wild very long, and there are certainly people out there willing to catch them.

Mr Fletcher - This could be bigger than Ashley.
Members laughing .

Mr AIRD - At least there is something similar. They both have schools.

Mr Fletcher - Sounds fishy to me.

Mr AIRD - Mr President, I do not have a detailed response to this question. I thank the honourable member for bringing it to everyone's attention, including the consumers in Launceston who I am sure will be getting their rods and nets out with gay abandon - as long as they have licences, I presume.