Wednesday 3 September 2003


Mr FINCH - My question without notice is to the Leader. Is the Leader aware that the new Tasmanian code of practice for pet food production is a heavy burden on existing local pet food processors and is causing hardship and resentment? Briefly, the situation is that in the case of at least one northern processor in my electorate an established business of six years is being told to pay a licence application fee of almost $280 on top of its annual licence. Under the new system for pet food production the proprietor estimates additional costs of $500 a year for his pet food service compared with $68 for a butcher for human consumption. Can this be justified and is not the Government placing an unfair burden on an enterprising local industry offering the community an alternative to expensive processed pet foods imported from the mainland?

Mr AIRD - Mr President, I thank the honourable member for his question to which I do not have an answer. He did give prior notice but we have not got the information to give the honourable member the answer. As soon as it comes to hand I will give it to him. His assertions about drawing comparisons about food for human consumption and pet consumption are very interesting comparisons -

Mr Finch - It is fact.

Mr AIRD - and I will endeavour to get the information to the honourable member