Tuesday 29th June 2010 - Estimates Committee B (Bartlett) - Part 1




 Mr Dean

Mr Finch

Mr Gaffney

Mr Wing

Mrs Taylor

Ms Rattray (Chair)



Department of Premier and Cabinet 

Rhys Edwards, Secretary

Rebekah Burton, Deputy Secretary

Greg Johannes, Deputy Secretary

Philip Foulston, Director, Executive Division

Jeff Reeve, Director, Corporate Services

Louise Mills, Deputy Director, Corporate Services

Peter Wright, Manager, Finance

Tim Bullard, Director Policy

John McCormick, Director, Policy

Mat Healey, Manager Office of Security and Emergency Management

Mellissa Gray, Director, Social Inclusion

Frank Ogle, Director Public Sector Management Office

Phillip Hoysted, Director Tasmanian Together Progress Board

Nick Evans, Director, Community Development

Piero Peroni, General Manager, TMD

Kathy Baker, Acting Director, Service Tasmania

Mitchell Knevett, Director, Office of the Government

4.2 Joint management services -


Mr FINCH - I have just made an observation that the increase comes in each year:  $6 000, $5 000, $5 000; so the joint management services do have enough expenditure to cover the Joint Management Services.  Is the expenditure able to cover the work that needs to be done in Joint Management Services?


Mr PRATT - Those increases are the usual indexation that is applied to salaries.


Mr FINCH - Would there be, for instance, if they required more expenditure, is there a top- up situation or are we able to hold to that budget?


Mr PRATT - In normal circumstances the Legislature-General would be able to hold to that line.  If additional expenditure is required then a request for additional funding would be submitted.


Mr FINCH - Thank you.