Tuesday 29 June 2010

Legislative council

Estimates Committee B (Bartlett) - Part 2



Hon. David Bartlett MP, Premier; Minister for Innovation, Science and Technology


Department of Premier and Cabinet


Rhys Edwards, Secretary

Rebekah Burton, Deputy Secretary

Greg Johannes, Deputy Secretary

Philip Foulston, Director, Executive Division

Jeff Reeve, Director, Corporate Services

Louise Mills, Deputy Director, Corporate Services

Peter Wright, Manager, Finance

Tim Bullard, Director Policy

John McCormick, Director, Policy

Mat Healey, Manager Office of Security and Emergency Management

Mellissa Gray, Director, Social Inclusion

Frank Ogle, Director Public Sector Management Office

Phillip Hoysted, Director Tasmanian Together Progress Board

Nick Evans, Director, Community Development

Piero Peroni, General Manager, TMD

Kathy Baker, Acting Director, Service Tasmania

Mitchell Knevett, Director, Office of the Government

Output group 4

State Service management


4.1 State Service employment and management

Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

Mr BARTLETT - Both of them, I think, are ones that will prove valuable to the Government and I suspect that they will be invested in for years to come.  Essentially ANZSOG, which is the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, offers a range of senior executive development programs and fellowships, including the Executive Fellows Program and the Executive Master of Public Administration program.  By being a partner in the consortium  Tasmanian public sector senior executives are provided with the opportunities to enhance their public administration policy and management skills.  The graduate program for people with disabilities, which I am sure everyone would support, has an annual allocation of $59 000,  as an election commitment from us, to implement a graduate program for people with disabilities.  The focus will be on using these funds to develop a program that is sustainable, promotes employment in the Tasmanian State sector and ensures that opportunities occur.


CHAIR - How will the relevant persons be able to access, in particular those two, programs?  How will this initiative be put out to the public or to the people who are eligible?


Mr OGLE - It is a matter of circulation of the different programs across agencies.  The heads of each of those agencies will identify and recommend people who fit the criteria, basically around executive leadership.  Members proposed  a selection assessment committee chaired by the secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet and it is our intention to put two heads of agencies on that committee to select people across government.  It is an objective process to identify talent and put them through very high-quality leadership development - through  the Executive Masters, that is a two-year program, the Executive Fellows is a three-week program, Towards Strategic Leadership is two five-day programs which are very credible programs in executive leadership.


CHAIR - Are these qualifications recognised across the nation?


Mr OGLE - They are not in the sense of a degree qualification but in the sense that ANZSOC is very highly regarded and every State contributes to ANZSOC programs.  They have a very high credibility in terms of their content.  The sort of speakers and lecturers at those programs are world-renowned leaders.  ANZSOG is headed by university  professors and that sort of person.  It is a pretty high-powered sort of program.


CHAIR - In relation to the graduate program for people with disabilities, are those people already within the system or are we looking at new people?


Mr BARTLETT -  They are new people to come into the system.


CHAIR - How do they get that information?  Do they just apply for a job and are identified?


Mr OGLE - To be honest, we have not worked out how we are going to best utilise -


Mr BARTLETT - This money is to develop the program.


CHAIR - Okay, so that will be worked with the $59 000 that will be used to develop the program.


Mr OGLE - We will be working with the stakeholders who work with those people to best work out how to both encourage agencies to attract those people and also to work with those different organisations who are quite frankly better-equipped to know how to go about this sort of process than we are.


Mr BARTLETT - I understand that Mat Healey, who is our famine, pestilence and plague man, is already doing the Master of Public Administration through ANZSOG.


CHAIR - The very busy Mat Healey.


Mr BARTLETT - He has two young children as well, I don't know how he does it.


Mr FINCH - Could I ask for some detail, please, Premier?    Is the $59 000 per annum the total amount in the program or is that what goes to the person who takes on this?


Mr BARTLETT - No, no, it is not.  That money is for program development and administration as is my understanding, not for salaries of people who would be employed under the program.  We are hoping to employ many people under the program.


Mr FINCH - What is the separation of the allocation here in respect of the budget of $3 million, is half of that going into that program?


Mr BARTLETT - No, $59 000 only.  People who are employed under this program might be employed in the Department of Health or Department of Education or the Department of Premier and Cabinet, who will pay their salaries.


Mr FINCH - Already?


Mr BARTLETT - No, we will recruit them, and their salaries would be paid by those departments.


Mr FINCH - Right, okay.  Thanks very much.