Monday 28 June 2010

Estimates Committee B (Thorp)


Mr FINCH - Minister, you referred to a review just a moment ago about Safe at Home.

Ms THORP - Yes.

Mr FINCH - Is that an internal document?  Was it published?

Ms THORP - It was done by the Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies.

Mr FINCH - Is that document available?

Mr HINE - There was an issue about when it was published on the Internet - obviously there are some matters in relation to it that you would not want published.  I am not sure if it is available, because we do not own the document - it was done through TILES.  I am not sure of its current status.

Ms THORP - We can find out.

Mr FINCH - What were the main findings of the Safe at Home review?  Do you recall what came out of that document that might have reflected on the policy and the Safe at Home legislation, how effective it has been and which areas were dramatic and have vindicated the legislation?

Ms THORP - There are five recommendations, but I do not have them with me.

Mr HINE - It was in relation to what we call the RAST - the risk assessment tool.  That was the specific review by TILES, and five recommendations came out of that review. You would be aware that the Justice department did a full review of family violence 18 months ago, so we just did the RAST through TILES.

Mr FINCH - Can we get a copy of those recommendations?

Mr HINE - There are some issues with it but I certainly will have a look and provide it to the committee.

CHAIR - The committee can take that information in confidence.

Ms THORP - It is the issue of the ownership, is it not?

Mr HINE - Yes.

Ms THORP - He will check it out.