Monday 28 June 2010 Estimates Committee B (Thorp) - Part 2

Mr FINCH - I want to ask about online access centres, and highlight that we have an issue with mine in Exeter, which is inappropriately placed.  It has been decided over the years that it is not well placed.  I am wondering about the opportunity that might exist for that online access centre to come out of the property that it is on, probably about 1.5 kilometres from the centre of town, to come off that area that they share with Neighbourhood House and that sort of operation and into the main street of Exeter.  There may be an opportunity at the Exeter RSL, which is about to close.  I am wondering if there is any opportunity in the Budget for some consideration for the re-establishment - maybe with the library - that is there on the main street of Exeter.

Ms THORP - When the community online access centres came on board, we are going back at least 10 years and the community has changed considerably since they were first established, they needed to be there because people did not have access to computers at home and it was important that Tasmanians got skilled-up in that area.  I think there is scope to look at the long-term future of our online access centres in the very way you are talking about in terms of them being incorporated into other services.

Mr FINCH ┬áThere is a library at Exeter which has space at the back.  There could be a marriage there.

Ms THORP - If you would like to write me a letter and describe what you see as options that you think would be good for this area, I will certainly look into it.