Monday 22 June 2009



Mr FINCH - There is a project in my community, of course, a trail between Beauty Point and Beaconsfield.  There is a new committee developed on that through the council.  The previous project has not entirely had local government support, but now the community recreation officer at the West Tamar Council has taken that on. I know that the plans from that committee have gone to DEIR. I am wondering whether those plans -


Ms O'BYRNE - It would be very useful for us to have a copy of them as well.


Mr FINCH - It is basically a walkway that they are looking at. I am wondering whether that could become a bikeway.


Ms O'BYRNE - The other thing, it should certainly come to us because, even if it does not qualify under the bikeways plan, there is nothing that precludes them from making application under major grants.  If they send something to us that does not fit into one of our grants, of course we will refer it to an appropriate one.  We would be very happy to look at it.


Mr FINCH - I think it has been before Sport and Rec before -


Ms O'BYRNE - Yes.


Mr FINCH - And has not quite got the traction that it needed because of the lack of support from the council.


Ms O'BYRNE - And that does make a difference, because it is one of the defining things that allows you to move forward. But if they are in negotiation with DEIR, we would be happy to -


Mr FINCH  - I will let the committee know what you just said.


Mr MARTIN - I can make sure that our program manager for the bikes and trails project contacts -


Ms O'BYRNE - And it makes a difference to actually have a person who is assigned to do this work as well.


CHAIR - Just do not send the contact details by e-mail. It could come back to bite somebody.