Monday 22 June 2009

Output group 3
3.2 Events-

CHAIR - Obviously, that is a significant part of the tourism-

Ms O'BYRNE - And we have touched a little bit on that

CHAIR - We have at different times. 

Ms O'BYRNE - But we will answer specific questions.

CHAIR - Obviously there has been a decrease in funding of about $270 000 for this year.  In the notes it says that there will be a cessation of some major events.  So what are they?

Ms O'BYRNE - Some of the current contracts are expiring and then we would need to either renegotiate or negotiate another particular time frame.

CHAIR - It would be interesting if you could record those events.

Ms O'BYRNE - Yes, just give me a minute.

Mr FINCH - Their funding is dropping off right through to 2012-13.  It is significantly dropping off.

CHAIR - Yes, it is $269 000 for this financial year coming up and then a decrease in 2010-11 of a further $247 000.

Ms O'BYRNE - The Mark Webber challenge - you would be aware that Mark Webber has decided to make that a less than annual event.  I am not going to make any comment on why.  I am sure most people who are familiar with Mark Webber's event would probably be able to draw conclusions.

Mr WING - Yes, but it is not such good value for money?

Ms O'BYRNE - No, it is a good investment and it is good.  I just think that Mark Webber also has a contractual obligation to another sport that he needs to be able to meet.

Mr WING - For how long does this current contract continue?

Ms O'BYRNE - We are not doing the next one.  He has pulled back-

Mr WING - Finished?

Ms O'BYRNE - Yes.

Mr WING - That is good.

Ms O'BYRNE - It does not mean that we would not renegotiate with him at another time.

Mr FINCH - Negotiate quickly.  He has had three second places recently.  When he starts winning, we are in trouble.

Mr WING - I would try something else-

Ms O'BYRNE - He is really committed and excited about it as an individual.  I think the reality is he has a contract obligation that he has to meet.  If he injures himself as regularly, then that is going to have an impact.  But he has spoken very highly of it and we got a really good brand recognition out of it.  We got good success out of it.  In terms of the $25 000 out of winter events, let me work out what that is and I will come back to you.  You would be aware that we fund the V8 Supercars.  That has been an extremely important thing.  There are two parts to that funding.

Mr WING - That is a good investment.

Ms O'BYRNE - It is a very good investment.  There are two parts to that funding.  Some $300 000 is directed to the sport for V8 supercars to come down.  That is the deal we have to bring them here.  The other $200 000 goes to Motorsports Tasmania and it is for it to manage its processes around that.  That deal is expiring.  We will find a way to renegotiate that.