Thursday 29 June 2006 - Estimates Committee B (Giddings) - Part 1



Mr FINCH - In respect to the last question Mr Dean was asking about somebody whose circumstances improve and, say, they have a couple of children leave home, the woman meets another man, two incomes come into the one household, is there a set review time for people's circumstances in public housing?

Ms GIDDINGS - On an annual basis we check with tenants as to what change in circumstances they may have in relation to their income. They may or may not provide the information. Otherwise, beyond that annual review, we do rely on tenants coming to us to tell us of their change in circumstances so that we then adjust the rent up or down in relation to that. It is a condition of their lease for that to happen. Madam Chair, I do need to correct the previous answer I gave in terms of electricity rebates. I am now informed that we do have a responsibility in this area.