ESTIMATES COMMITTEE B (Hon David Bartlett – Minister for Education)

Wednesday 28 June 2006

Mr FINCH - The Riverside High School redevelopment of the general learning areas and performing arts area is in progress and continuing. That was a great $2.5 million boost much needed at Riverside High School. However, it meant that we lost part of that community centre there that was developed by the Riverside Lions Club and the West Tamar Council. I am just wondering about the state of play regarding a replacement community centre facility that without a replacement will be lost to the community.

Mr BARTLETT - I understand where you are and I have seen some documentation now that you have twigged my memory. We are in discussion with the West Tamar council about that issue - no resolution yet.

Mr FINCH - Can I be provided with the correspondence and progress on that?

Mr BARTLETT - Absolutely.

Mr FINCH - Thank you.