Wednesday 4 June

West Tamar Corridor - Estimates Committee

Kerry Finch was wondering if I would ask a question. It is in relation to the review on the West Tamar corridor and he wondered if I could ask that. So I have. How is it going? Where is it going?

Mr COX - The short answer to that is that work will start later this year. Is he specifically after just the West Tamar road or the whole west corridor study?

Mr RATTRAY - He was after whatever the developments are for it.

Mr COX - I reckon what he is after is the road strategy, the road study.

Mr RATTRAY - That is right, Minister.

Mr COX - I thought that might be; he has an interest in that region.
The record will advise him that I have met with the West Tamar Council to discuss those issues, the West Tamar corridor study categorisation of roads by the department. DIER is certainly committed to continue to consult on issues related to roads in the West Tamar area with council and other stakeholders.

We have commenced discussions with council regarding engineering projects that will result from that corridor study. There are eight proposed project areas for the State roads in the region. There will be a number of opportunities for council to provide input on the proposed projects. They will include a review of the technical scope of the projects so as to ensure that they cover the range of issues raised by stakeholders. Prior to the public display, council will be advised of those issues being presented for public comment and prior to completion of the final report.

It is anticipated that the final report will be completed by August of this year and I am pleased to say that the meeting that I had with the West Tamar Council was beneficial. There were a couple of issues they had where they felt that they had not been properly consulted with DIER. Whether that was a misunderstanding or whether there had been a difference of understanding, we have rectified that. Representatives from the department have now met with the council again and I understand that everything is on track to commence work particularly with that one later this year.

CHAIR - That is commencement of work, is there any idea as to conclusion of the process?
Mr DOUGLAS - Are you asking for the completion date of the -

Mr COX - That would be the one, I imagine, that Mr Finch would be asking about. So we will make an assumption and if that is not the case he can come back to us and we will get -

CHAIR - Yes, if that is in his area that would be the one he is most concerned about.

Mr COX - That would, I am sure, be it, Mr Chairman. May 2005 is the answer to that. I am sure he will want to be there.

CHAIR - Thanks a lot. Now we will be moving on to 2.3, Driver licensing.